The AI-ssistance psoriasis patients need

Alia – a digital health assistant 

Psoriasis affects more than 100M people worldwide and 84% of all patients have experienced discrimination or humiliation because of their condition.

The challenge

Patients often struggle to find relevant information, are concerned about the credibility of information available online and find ongoing disease management to be a challenge.

The solution

We created Alia an AI-powered, chat-based, digital health assistant that delivers on the promise of connectivity by giving patients access to interactive personalized health information and services. 

Integration that delivers

Alia integrates technology, data and people to empower those living with psoriasis by offering them the disease and lifestyle information they need to better manage their condition.


Continuous learning

Using Natural Language Programming, Alia learns from what patients share with the chatbot, enabling Novartis to provide better support – 24/7.