Delivering value through data-informed, in-culture ideas

Strategy & analytics

Core to our in-culture mindset is the role that data and insights play in how we design recommendations and build creative ideas that shape culture. Our unique point-of-view ensures we approach each challenge with a multi-stakeholder, holistic approach to unlock growth and creative potential. 

Our strategists create market-leading brands and businesses that deliver value – not just quick hit ideas. Backed with proprietary technology, data science and deep client-focused expertise, our 150+ person strong Analytics + Intelligence team, made of up data scientists, engineers and market researchers, is skilled to address our clients’ diverse business challenges. And our primary research capabilities enable us to quickly assess public opinion and sentiment on a range of critical issues. 

At the center of these efforts is our proprietary technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to sift and sort billions of data points from thousands of sources – ensuring the data underpinning our analyses are unbiased, sourced ethically and compliant with complex regulatory environments. This capability – unique in our industry — enables us to quickly apply complex workflows to bring multiple models together and derive deep and actionable insights. 

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What we're known for

  • Research and insights
  • Data intelligence, management and integration
  • Strategic and channel planning