Leslie Gaines-Ross

Chief Reputation Strategist

Innovate or evaporate.

— Leslie Gaines-Ross

Question and Answer

How long have you worked at Weber Shandwick?

12 years

In five words or less, how would you describe your Weber Shandwick colleagues

Generous of thought, spirit and friendship.

What is the best restaurant / your favorite meal in New York City?

Pizza of all types.

What is something people may not know about you?

Wanted to be an artist.

What’s your passion outside of the workplace? What are three things it has taught you that transfers to the office?

My family, gardening and reading. Takes time, patience and insight.

What’s the coolest (or weirdest) place a project has taken you?

I was once caught in Chicago during a snowstorm. I lost my luggage and had to share an airport hotel’s bridal suite with a colleague.