Laura Schoen

President, Global Healthcare Practice and Chair, Latin America

Laura Schoen

Choose to do something you love with purpose and strive to make a difference.


How long have you worked at Weber Shandwick?

21 years

In five words or less, how would you describe your Weber Shandwick colleagues?

Innovative global and local leaders motivated by excellence.

What is the best restaurant / your favorite meal in New York?

Living in Chelsea, I walk to restaurants nearby. Untitled, Le Coq Rico and the vegetarian restaurant at Eataly are among the ones I visit frequently, but I also enjoy eating at Gentleman-Farmer when I am in Brooklyn.

What is something people may not know about you?

My interest in continuous improvement and acquiring new skills. I take piano lessons, train with a great ping pong master and improve my swimming skills with a trainer.

What’s your passion outside of the workplace? What are three things it has taught you that transfers to the office?

My family. Sharing their moments of happiness and suffering has taught me a lot about human resilience and made me a more hopeful and optimistic human being.

Art/Creation - I love books, movies, exhibits, plays, concerts. I bring to the office new ideas that can be leveraged to address a client’s problem and an enormous respect for the creativity process.

Traveling - I am fortunate to have a multinational family and to have visited many interesting places. What I have gained is a sense of perspective. I cannot impose my view on others and I need to try to see things through their eyes.

What’s the coolest (or weirdest) place a project has taken you?

Early in my career, I was the publicist for a German movie production in Ouro Preto, Brazil. The city is a UNESCO protected colonial town, known for its baroque churches, romantic bridges and fountains and winding cobbled streets. The movie’s leading actress was the daughter of Cecilia Meireles, a renowned poet who wrote a book about the place. She and I would walk around the city while she recited her mother’s poems about each location. It was an unforgettable experience.