CEO, Corporate and Employee Activism


CEO, Corporate and Employee Activism


At Weber Shandwick, our ongoing research has revealed that CEO activism is an important dynamic that can drive and differentiate corporate and CEO reputation today. We regularly survey public perceptions of and attitudes toward CEOs speaking out on hot-button issues and also analyze corporate responses to contentious current events. We also have conducted research on employee activism, which is employees speaking up about their employers in response to controversial issues. For more information on our activism insights, please visit the links below.

CEO activism research

CEO Activism: Inside Comms and Marketing

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CEO Activism in 2018: The Purposeful CEO

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The Dawn of CEO Activism

Employee activism research

Employee Activism in the Age of Purpose: Employees (UP)Rising

Business response analyses

Business Response to U.S. Abortion Legislation

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Business Response to Family Separation at the Border

Business Response to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and the #MeToo Movement

Business Response to Parkland Shooting and Gun Safety

Business Response to Phasing Out DACA

Business Response to the Charlottesville Protests

Business Response to Barring Transgender Service Members from the U.S. Military

Business Response to the U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

Business Response to the President’s Executive Order on Immigration

Advertiser Response to The O’Reilly Factor

Millennial perspectives on CEO activism

Our research found millennials to be the generation that most embraced CEO activism. We sat down with our interns for their thoughts.