Transformational Technology


Historically speaking, tech specialists were deployed to help technology companies build market presence. But today we’re living through a once-in-a-century moment. No sector is immune from technological forces, and as a result, our tech offering has evolved. We’re being asked to go vertically deep into specific subject areas, like enterprise tech and consumer gadgets, while extending horizontally across practically every industry, from health care and finance to automotive and manufacturing.

This was an opportunity to rearchitect what a tech practice could be — a global network of specialized experts who drive visibility and market value for clients using tech to transform culture, finance, CPG, healthcare and more. As a part of our mission to Solve for X, this team is working alongside our analytics, digital, creative and strategy specialists to bring holistic solutions to our clients.

We're Known For...

  • Working for the world’s most innovative companies on pioneering programs
  • Understanding stakeholder implications of unforeseen, technology-driven change
  • Helping client leaders reengineer communications and brand models to address new media realities, from AI to AR and from fake news to 5G
  • Developing news, brand and thought leadership content as integral components of PR, media relations and lead gen campaigns
  • Using live media and partner engagement programs to drive more value at industry events
  • Consulting on and embedding data solutions to improve and optimize communications operations

Technology Team

Chris Perry, Global
Chief Digital Officer

Wayne Hickey, The Americas
EVP,Technology Practice Strategist, Account Management

Lydia Lee, Asia Pacific
Head of Technology, Asia Pacific and Head of Emergent China

Joe Walton, EMEA
Managing Director, Technology, London