Guiding leaders of higher education through a competitive global environment

Colleges and universities were once romanticized as cloistered campuses, isolated from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Today, institutions of higher education sit exactly where corporations do — in the center of the public spotlight, subject to the same dynamics of a new and transparent media environment.

And they face the same globally competitive landscape – the same need to define and build a differentiated global brand – as leading corporations.

As one of the only global public relations firms to establish a focused Education practice, we are well-versed in assisting higher educational institutions as they forge their reputations and develop their thought leadership.

Universities and colleges are learning first-hand the essence of building reputation, managing their story and scanning the shifting communications horizon.

Our work has encompassed some of the biggest challenges for some of the world’s leading universities:

  • For renowned higher education leaders we created and launched – at breakneck speed – the global brand for their transformational new online educational initiative. Our platform ignited a global conversation about online higher education;
  • For a top US university we helped guide them through a high-profile international and sensitive new international partnership;
  • For a leading international foundation we are defining the mission of their innovative new globally-connected university;
  • Elsewhere in the Middle East, Europe and North America we are steering the leadership of some of the world’s leading institutions of higher education as they scale the heights of academic and technological prestige.

For these and others whose aspirations we accompany and support, we provide a range of critical activities, including strategic media relations, marketing, recruitment, positioning, crisis management, media training, digital & social media, international development and outreach activities. 

College and university presidents presently face the same pressures as CEOs and elected officials; they must react to crises, build reputations and cope with intense competition and scrutiny. Administrators are now held accountable for virtually every aspect of students’ lives as well as their institutions’ practices.

With extensive expertise in higher education and deep relationships with both the education and mainstream media, our Education practice is helping many of the most prominent institutions of higher learning navigate this new environment, survive its pitfalls and seize its opportunities.