Bringing gender equality to the big screen

“Son Rise”

Indian women continue to struggle for equal treatment, protection and respect. We partnered with filmmaker Vibha Bakshi to make a documentary about five men who are standing up to social challenges to join these women in their fight.


The challenge

Seven years after the death of a medical student who was brutally gang-raped and left to die in Delhi, little had changed as gang-rape and sexual violence continued to make headlines in India.

The solution

With filmmaker Vibha Bakshi, we created Son Rise a documentary that tells the stories of five men who have chosen to fight gender bias and stand side-by-side with Indian women in their struggle.  

Challenging gender bias

UN women adopted the film to promote the HeForShe Movement in India and collected five million pledges from people around the world to stand up for women and challenge gender bias. We successfully lobbied the Chief Minister of Haryana to screen the film in schools, colleges, government offices and the police force in the state.  



Igniting a movement

Son Rise ignited a movement that is helping change the gender bias narrative in India. The documentary was screened across corporate India, film festivals and various targeted screenings across the globe – helping to inspire robust discussions about the role of men in realizing gender equality.