Unwrapping the story of Sexual Chocolate

“Sexual Chocolate”

A small social media campaign for Amazon Prime Video that grew to become a full-length, star-studded, three-part mockumentary to help launch Amazon Prime’s movie, Coming 2 America 2.



The challenge

Prime Video wanted to make some noise on social about the launch of Coming 2 America 2 on their platform. They knew it would appeal to those who remembered the first movie, but how to go beyond that?

The solution

We took Randy Watson – a minor character in the first Coming to America movie and his band Sexual Chocolate – and asked music stars to talk about him as if he were a true music legend.

Our social campaign becomes a TV show

Initially just a social campaign, our idea attracted top-level music talent such as Nile Rodgers, Shaggy and Gen Z favorites Davido and Steff London. Alongside actors playing a superfan and a Randy tribute act, we got them talking about Randy as if he was a major influence in their lives. Soon thereafter, we had a hilarious three-part mockumentary, picked up by Prime Video.


Topping Amazon charts

From a humble social campaign to a TV show, our mockumentary was viewed more than 1.5M times, was voluntarily shared by Eddie Murphy himself, as well as by the talent starring in it. All of which helped Coming 2 America 2 become the first Amazon Original to top the platform's charts, with the biggest opening weekend for a streaming movie since March 2020.