Leveling the playing field

“OG Drops”

Sneakerheads know time is of the essence for new launches. You only get one chance to score the hottest ones at retail price or find yourself searching for them at higher prices. eBay decided to find a way to change that.

The challenge

Sneakers are big business. Skyrocketing retail prices increasingly block fans from the market, and the hottest sneakers, intended to be on the feet of many, were in the hands of a few.

The solution

We created the OG Drops campaign to put eBay at the heart of sneakerhead culture. We gave fans the chance to rewind the clock and buy iconic designs at their original price.

An eBay x Morley’s popup

When we launched OG Drops, eBay collaborated with Morley’s to host an in-person event at one of their chicken shops in London. Following the initial launch success, we brought OG Drops back later this year with a musical twist, this time in Manchester, and we put the community at the heart of our campaign.


Rising to No. 1 in the UK sneaker market

We secured quality media coverage in target sneakerhead, fashion and consumer titles, including Hypebeast and BuzzFeed. We generated a reach of 55.25M, engaged 26K sneakerheads and saw eBay take back sneaker resale market share.