No more screaming for ice cream


Sensodyne wanted to launch their new, global brand positioning “Life is too short for sensitivity” with a bang. Tooth sensitivity can be solved simply by switching toothpaste, so why miss out on your favorite treats?

The challenge

We surveyed six markets in the Nordics and Benelux and found that four out of 10 consumers regularly avoided certain food and drinks due to sensitive teeth. At the top of the list? Delicious ice cream. 

The solution

We hired a molecular gastronomist and professional chef and invented Coldish: the world’s first lukewarm, non-melting ice cream free from twinges and other cold discomforts and edible to all (even vegans). 

Life is too short for sensitivity

Launched from our touring, 1950s-style ice cream truck and supported by PR, digital and influencer collaborations, we handed out 6,500 Coldish lollipops (and toothpaste) to consumers at sunny summer events across European cities. 


Ice cream for all

The innovation was not only praised by news media and people with sensitive teeth, but also helped spread Sensodyne's message: Everybody should be able to enjoy ice cream – and if you brush with Sensodyne, you can! Results include: 6.8M Nordics and Benelux heard about Coldish and Sensodyne, 6.5K visited our touring truck, the campaign reached 4.4M on social media with 40K engagements and generated earned reach of 2.4M via print and radio.