Bud Light brings fun back to America

“Summer Stimmy”

As the country began to reopen after months of COVID-19 shutdowns and a stimulus package was introduced to provide relief to the American people, Bud Light noticed something missing: FUN. We set out to change this. 

The challenge

Bring fun back to the American people after months of COVID-19 shutdowns.

The solution

Bud Light introduced the ‘Summer Stimmy’ a formal, but hilarious 110-page legislative proposal designed to bring fans the best summer ever with ten million dollars in prizes and experiences. 

My fellow Americans…

The very real, very hilarious, proposal covering everything from conga lines to hammock safety, was read live from a bar by actor and writer Sam Richardson. After receiving 50K+ fan endorsements, it was signed into action by pro football superstar and ‘Secretary of Summer’, Rob Gronkowski, officially kicking off the best summer ever with beer, live music and the biggest sports ticket giveaway in history.



The Summer of Stimmy

Before we knew it, conversation had shifted from the government stimulus package to the Bud Light Summer Stimmy. It garnered 875M earned impressions via 300+ placements, brought in 70k new Bud Light loyalty members and generated 440K social mentions – trending on Twitter seven times! Most importantly, Bud Light was the first brand to help America get out there and have FUN.