Allied against a plastic planet

“10 Rivers”

Plastic waste leaking into the environment, especially the ocean, has emerged as a critical, global environmental challenge. In 2018, an early coalition of companies turned to Powell Tate to focus global conservations on long-term solutions.

The challenge

Change the conversation from short-term, simplistic “solutions from bans to deeper discussions of long-term improvements and a critically-needed waste management infrastructure. 

The solution

We launched the Alliance as an organization of more than 30 global companies committed to help eliminate plastic waste in the environment, especially in the ocean. To advance scalable and sustainable change, the Alliance is working on the ground with numerous nonprofits to develop and implement real solutions, focusing on the 10 rivers in Asia and Africa that carry 80 percent of all plastic waste into the ocean.

More than just ads

We recommended action to solve the plastic waste problem head-on. We’re proud to have helped create a new $1.5 billion nonprofit to drive real results to eliminate plastic waste, sparking data-driven solutions to sustainability and environmental issues.



Continued commitment

The launch secured more than 1,500 media articles around the world, Alliance companies have committed $1.5B over 5 years to help eliminate plastic waste in the environment and Alliance membership has expanded to more than 50 global organizations.

2019: SABRE Awards, Best in Chemicals & Industrials