Michael Frohlich

EMEA Chief Executive Officer and Chief Transformation Officer

Michael Frohlich is EMEA CEO and Chief Transformation Officer. He has over 25 years’ experience in the marketing communications industry, leading some of the most famous PR and advertising agencies and clients. He is focused on integrating marketing silos to drive impactful growth for clients and his teams. Having a view of the entire marketing experience has grown his experience in organization design, change management, creative excellence and leadership.

Michael Frohlich

Lead with the integrity to tell the truth, have the charisma to make people listen and have the guts to act on it.


What’s the coolest (or weirdest) place a project has taken you?

Although I have been fortunate enough to travel to many weird and wonderful places for work, probably the most surreal was Buckingham Palace with Winnie the Pooh!

If you weren’t working in this industry, what would you want to do?

I’d be an architect. I've always enjoyed the beauty of structures and how they require creativity and science to work.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever gotten?

“The story is in the numbers” was a previous boss’s mantra and one I hold on to. Telling stories is what we do, be it across the world or in a one-to-one meeting, regardless of the scale, having concrete substance is what makes a story resonate.

What’s your favorite restaurant in London?

J Sheeky. It’s part of the London establishment and is a little hidden away in Covent Garden which is part of its charm. The back room is where you want to be as it’s always filled with the most interesting celebrities and politicians.

What’s your favorite way to unwind in your free time?

The pandemic has brought me two obsessions – a Peloton and puppy, both are part of my daily routine and help me unwind and reset.

What is your most-used app on your phone?

Instagram is my most used app. I started posting so my family knew where I was and what I was doing in the world at any time. And now it’s become a record of my personal journey – I post for myself and often look back to see where I’ve been, doing what and with who.

Where would you love to travel in the world to gain inspiration?

Everywhere and anywhere! I love travelling as it really does feed my soul. The more vibrant and different a country is to the UK, the more inspired I am. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively but not across South America – so that’s high on my list to experience next.

Do you do any charity or volunteer work?

I have been part of the Human Lending Library at The British Library, mentoring start-up companies and helping individuals fulfil their ambitions.