Lee Noonan

Chief Technology Officer

Smart is not something you are, smart is something you get.

— Lee Noonan

Question and Answer

How long have you worked at Weber Shandwick?

4 years

In five words or less, how would you describe your Weber Shandwick colleagues?

Creative problem solvers

What is the best restaurant / your favorite meal in NY?

Gramercy Tavern

What is something people may not know about you?

That I am an avid hockey fan.

What’s your passion outside of the workplace? What has it taught you that transfers to the office?

Live music. Seeing it and listening to live recordings.
It's taught me that the best result comes from an interactive “conversation” where ideas are exchanged fluidly. Also that listening to the other members of the band or group is as important, if not more important, then what you have to contribute.

What’s the coolest (or weirdest) place a project has taken you?

Southeast Asia, specifically Bangkok.