Brian Offutt

Chief Workforce Innovation & Operations Officer

Brian Offutt has worked for more than 25 years in the media & entertainment industry. He has been fortunate throughout his career to serve as the operating partner and trusted advisor to some of the industry's most visionary creative and entrepreneurial leaders, rallying their teams to thoughtfully, efficiently and effectively execute their most impactful ideas.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly, and try another. But by all means, try something.


What's the coolest (or weirdest) place a project has taken you?

The coolest and weirdest place I've been for a business project was inside of a Sikorsky helicopter, with a world famous celebrity, under a pseudonym, with armed guards, flying (as stealthily as possible) over Sinaloa Cartel territory in Mexico. We were doing site visits to select a distillery for a new tequila brand!

What's the best piece of career advice you've ever gotten?

Find a vocation that you truly enjoy. If you enjoy what you do, you'll naturally do it well. And great career satisfaction and accomplishment will follow as a result.

Who is someone that inspires you right now?

I'm awed by young people from all races, economic classes, and parts of the country who are bravely, forcefully, strategically, peacefully and patriotically raising their voices to protest racial and economic injustice, in pursuit of a better society.

What's your favorite thing about NYC?

Even though I've lived here since graduating from college, the Manhattan skyline, spotted from a plane, or a walk, or a rooftop, or a bridge, still hasn't ceased to thrill and inspire me. It's symbolic to me of the best collection of energy, innovation, artistic and culinary talent, architectural beauty, aspiration, culture and grit that has gathered in any metropolitan area in the world, and that perseveres through all challenges. #nystrong

What's your favorite restaurant in NYC?

I can't pick one! For being treated like family by an owner and staff who really are my friends: Etcetera Etcetera in Hell's Kitchen. For celebrations and splurges: there are so many to choose from but I've been hooked for years on Hakkasan, Quality Meats, Sushi of Gari, and Sushi Seki. I love Carbone too, but am not wily enough to get in there very often.

What’s your favorite way to unwind in your free time?

My husband and I adopted two African Grey Parrots, Rhoda and Taffy (ask me sometime how they got their names). We met them as babies and brought them home as soon as they were capable of feeding themselves. That was nearly 12 years ago. They are super smart (can mimic hundreds of words and understand dozens, which they use in real communication). They are also affectionate, empathetic and funny, and they have huge personalities (one of them acts like a bird and the other like a dog). Spending time with them is fascinating, uplifting and energizing.

Where would you love to travel in the world to gain inspiration?

I've never been on Safari, and hope to be able to go to Africa in the not too distant future and participate in one. The combination of being immersed in nature, and in seeing the cultural heritage (and the economic development that is now happening) in nearby communities world would be both unforgettable and truly inspiring.

Do you do any charity or volunteer work?

Volunteer work at, and financial sponsorship of, non-profit organizations that make the world a better and healthier place has always been hugely important to me, and for more than 20 years, I have served on non-profit Boards across social services, social justice, healthcare and the arts. Currently, I am Board Chair of Project Healthy Minds, an organization serving young people that seeks to stamp out the stigma around suffering from anxiety and depression, and to get people efficiently referred to the help they need.