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Jim Meszaros
EVP, Global Public Affairs

Valerie Pinto
CEO, India

Saptarshi R. Dutta
VP, India

Corbin Hsieh
General Manager, China

Tyler Kim
Managing Director, North Asia

Toshiya Takata
EVP, Japan

Carolyn Devanayagam
SVP, Singapore

Vanessa Ho Nikolovski
Managing Director, Singapore

Jan Dirk Kemming
Chief Creative Officer, Europe

Oliver Drewes
Senior Executive Director of Public Affairs, Brussels

Greg Prager
Managing Director, Switzerland & Chair of Corporate, EMEA

Alphonse Daudré-Vignier
Vice President, Corporate Practice Head, Integrated Media Strategy

Jorge Camargo
Director of Public Affairs, Mexico

Luciana Barbetta
Head of Public Affairs, Brazil

Ipi Thibedi
CEO, Africa

Ziad Hasbani
CEO, Middle East & North Africa