engaging, always.


engaging, always.


Welcome to the engagement era. New to some, but not to us. While it’s an uncertain time for many marketers and agencies, it’s one we’re very familiar with: engaging audiences is what we’ve done since the beginning. When you engage, you converse. When you engage, you inspire advocates. When you engage, you create movements. It’s actually what we’ve always done. And always will. 

At Weber Shandwick, we are all about engaged thinking. It helps define our culture, our interactions with clients and with colleagues. Click through for Weber Shandwick’s “Rules of Engagement.”

What is engagement? Why is it important? What does it mean for brands today? Weber Shandwick executives provide insight into how engagement can be defined and applied in this new era of public relations. 


We are engaging – always.

We are provocative, original, surprising – always.

We are conversation-starters, headline-grabbers, attention-getters, sales-drivers, reputation-guarders, brand-builders – always.

We believe in advocacy – always.

And we stick together and work together – always.

We are driven by our clients and their success – always.

We are determined to succeed, improve, excel – always.

We’ve always been this way, and always will.

Weber Shandwick. engaging, always.