Advancing policy, engaging stakeholders

Government & public sector

Public Affairs: Today, Public Affairs is no longer confined to state or world capitals – or to government relations departments. Everything has become political – and public. Our team of nearly 300 public affairs and geopolitical counsellors in 15 major markets helps clients know why, when, where and how to show up in the modern-day public square, and how to advance public affairs agendas in a highly polarized world.


Government: We help governments communicate their most important policy priorities to the public. We craft campaigns for federal and state governments and agencies to inform and educate key audiences in order to achieve their policy and program objectives. From enrolling millions of uninsured in health coverage to encouraging Boomers to get tested for Hep C, our creative campaigns motivate audiences to action and achieve results. 


Federal Marketing: We help businesses market products and services to the federal government. We are a collection of bipartisan professionals who understand the federal procurement process and have deep business-to-government (B2G) marketing expertise. We work closely with our clients’ marketing and government relations teams to craft communications that shape opinions and secure contracts. As a federal contractor ourselves, we have unique perspective and insights into what our government stakeholders value and require.  

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What we're known for

  • Helping federal and state government engage audiences in creative and unexpected ways
  • Developing data-driven strategic campaigns that help businesses and organizations navigate complex policy and social issues
  • Building reputation and shaping perceptions of companies and brands with federal decision-makers and influencers
  • Navigating the federal procurement process with deep business-to-government (B2G) marketing expertise
  • Providing unique insights into what our government stakeholders value and require
  • Helping federal agencies understand customer mindsets and media habits in a highly dynamic and fractured media landscape