Data Driven Intelligence

Data & Analytics

Leading organizations don’t need more data and analytical tools, they expect intelligence and actionable steps to drive business decisions from them.

As a part of our mission to Solve for X, our data and analytics teams use a range of analytics platforms and methods to make decisions from data – which may involve creating new measurement benchmarks, driving better understanding of who to reach and how, how to gauge real threats or opportunities that impact business performance and more.

This includes application of our proprietary MINDS platform as well as a host of other services applied to specific client needs. MINDS combines neuro-linguistic programming, machine learning and human expertise to draw insights from data at a rapid and incredible scale.

We're Known For...

  • Traditional and social media analysis
  • Campaign performance scorecards and in-depth reports
  • Ongoing (monthly, quarterly) media performance tracking
  • Influencer identification, profiling and tracking
  • Performance marketing campaigns to drive the right awareness for our clients
  • Community management analysis and reporting
  • Opinion polling and surveys
  • Concept and message testing
  • Media monitoring and measurement tools audits

Data & Analytics Team

Chris Perry, Global
Chief Digital Officer

Tanvir Hannan, The Americas
Executive Vice President, Analytics, Insight & Innovation

Alex Vass, EMEA
Managing Director, Analytics