Litigation Support

We create media strategies that reinforce legal objectives & mitigate reputational impact

Increasingly, legal battles are fought — and won — in the court of public opinion, long before lawyers see the inside of a courtroom. Without a coherent communication strategy designed to complement the legal narrative, even a positive legal outcome can damage the reputation of a company, product or individual.

Our litigation communication specialists are expertly positioned to address the concerns of in-house and outside counsel, and develop communications programs tailored to engage and enhance an organization’s legal strategy.

Our litigation communication team has a wealth of journalistic, legal and public affairs experience. We provide counsel to clients globally, across a variety of sectors, and have helped our clients with a wide range of disputes, including:

We distill complex legal issues into messages that support the legal strategy and enhance our clients’ reputations.

  • Patent and trademark litigation
  • Product liability
  • Contract disputes
  • Dissident bondholder litigation
  • White collar criminal actions
  • Government enforcement actions
  • International arbitration

Heightened public awareness and media scrutiny of legal cases make it more important than ever to take a proactive approach to managing risk and preserving reputation. It is not enough to know how the 24-hour newsrooms operate or how to provide content fitted to the stylized needs of online and print editorials (although our experts absolutely do).

It’s about communicating the right message to the right audiences to shape perception. We employ tested strategies to counter and diffuse negative publicity, disseminate persuasive and positive viewpoints and ensure balanced media coverage.

Practice members are frequently retained by in-house or outside legal teams. Depending on the jurisdiction, their strategic advice may be privileged as a result.