Lead Media

Meet new challenges and maximize opportunities in a shifting media landscape

Media as we know it is changing. Increasing consolidation, cutbacks and surging demand for fresh, customized content is stretching news outlets’ already-limited resources to the limit.

To keep pace, the Lead Media specialty group is dedicated to cultivating and maintaining relationships with the world’s leading journalists to ensure our clients are front and center on the global stage.

Despite the shifting, evolving media landscape, the media is still responsible for shaping public opinion. Our team works hand-in-hand with media to tell our clients’ story.

This complex and rapidly changing global news environment presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations seeking to effectively communicate their message. So our team has fine-tuned its approach to media relations to deliver a variety of enhanced services, including:

  • Media trends and insights analysis
  • Story mining and narrative development
  • Highly targeted, strategic media relations campaigns
  • Executive positioning and visibility programs
  • Media training and spokesperson development

As the media market changes, so does the PR industry. In this new, content-starved environment, the line between journalist and PR professional is blurred. That presents an opportunity for brands to move from mere disseminators of information to purveyors of meaningful content.

Our team works directly with corporate communications and brand teams to elevate spokespeople in the development of thought leadership campaigns tied to emerging business issues and trends. The Lead Media specialty group comprises corporate and brand communication strategists and best-in-class former journalists from North America, Europe and Asia.

Effective media relations and storytelling is now about the story itself — told through multiple, impactful channels in target markets. We fuse customized content with precision targeting to deliver more meaningful content and greater visibility for clients.